fire-dept-teamFire Chief: Roger Smith

Deputies: Mike Babin and Simon Blanchard

Captains:  Arthur Leclair, Herby Hickey, Jean-Marc Allard, Marc Giroux and Bruce Ross

Operator/ Capt.: Ronnie Cameron

Lieutenant: Dave Philipps, Darren Young, Regis Arseneault and Michel Diotte

1st Class:  Kevin Lavigne, Marc Paradis, Terry Smith and Kevin Hickey

2nd Class: Jonathan Savoie, Thomas Scott, Eric Chiasson, Jonathan Blanchard, Remi Ouellette and Tyler Nash

Salvage Corps: Remi Hickey, Michel Doucet, James E Jalbert, Matthew Valdron, Rene Gagnon, Martin Beaulieu, Pierre-Luc Blanchard, Marcel Landry, Danick Fontaine, Yves Lepage and Jaden Gagnon

Junior Firefighters: Cameron Diotte, Logan Valdron, Megan Smith and Noah Doucet