Carbon Monoxide Indication Badge
In response to New Brunswick’s February 2017 Ice Storm, the Office of the Fire Marshal has recognized a need to promote carbon monoxide awareness and identification throughout the province. Carbon Monoxide is created through the combustion of carbon-based fuels and can be generated by any device using propane, oil, gasoline, wood, coal or natural gas as a fuel source. CO is invisible, odourless, and non-irritating-a detector is the only means of identifying its presence.

As a result, the OFM is advocating that New Brunswick’s Fire Departments prepare themselves accordingly by encouraging their citizens to obtain at home Carbon Monoxide detectors, and obtaining/maintaining community stores of disposable carbon monoxide indication badges for emergency use. Disposable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Badges are a cost-effective way to indicate the presence of dangerous CO gas inside a home. While they cannot replace the audible warning provided by a home carbon monoxide detector, they can be used in an emergency situation to demonstrate to residents without detectors that their homes have dangerous levels of CO gas. CO indicator badges have an easy-to-see, visual indicator which warns of the presence of CO gas. The circle on the indicator will turn gray or black, depending on the concentration of CO. It will return to normal when exposed once more to fresh air.

The CO indication badge can detect as little as 100ppm (parts per million) of CO gas, changing colour from red to red/brown and then to gray/black as the concentration levels increase. The shelf life of an unopened CO Badge is approximately 2 to 3 years (expiration dates are printed on back of detector badge); once opened it should be replaced approximately every 90 days.

We strongly encourage NB’s community leaders to obtain their own Carbon Monoxide Indicator Badges as a means of emergency preparedness.

A list of suitable vendors can be obtained from NBOFM by contacting Michael Lewis at or by calling (506) 238-5973