Public notice – Flushing

As part of its regular maintenance, the Town of Dalhousie will conduct system and hydrant flushing beginning Monday, May 27th to Friday, May 31st, 2019

Residents may notice water discoloration and reduced water pressure. It is suggested that you flush your system by running your cold taps, after the Town’s flushing has been completed.  The flushing will improve the water quality in the system.

Proposed changes to By-Law 808-18

BY-LAW NO. 808-19
1.08 “Garbage Container” means:


Type A: a Roll-Out Bin made of high density polyethylene, wheeled, equipped with handles and tightly fitting cover, ranging from 200 to 360 liters in size, and water tight.  The total weight of the Roll-Out Bin when full shall not exceed 250 pounds.



Type B: Or a smaller size bin made of heavy duty plastic and a tightly fitting cover.  The total weight of the smaller bin shall not exceed 50 pounds.

1.15 “Residential Property” means a single and double housing units, individual townhouse units, condominiums, apartment buildings with not more than four (4) apartment units and rooming houses with not more than nine (9) roomers.



And home occupation permitted under zoning By-Law 806-11 article 3.19, and amendments thereto.


2.03 The town owned recycling bin that was delivered to each residential property in 2018 must remain on the said property in case of sale or moving.   The owner/occupants of the property is responsible to maintain, repair and replace the recycling bin if necessary.  The Town of Dalhousie is not responsible in case of theft.

Repeal 3.04 and replace with:

3.04 Not more than 2 (two) Roll-Out Bin Type A container or not more then 2 (two) of the smaller Type B will be collected at any one dwelling house on any collection day.

Repeal 3.05 and replace with:

3.05 Not more than 4 (four) container will be collected at any apartment buildings with not more than four (4) apartment units and rooming houses with not more than nine (9) roomers on any collection day.

First reading : April 15, 2019
Second reading : April 15, 2019
Third reading : scheduled for May 21, 2019


The Town of Dalhousie is accepting applications for Summer Employment.

We also have several opportunities under the SEED program.

Application forms may be picked up at the Town Hall at 111, Hall Street, in Dalhousie and must be returned no later than May 3, 2019.


Andre Robichaud

Facilities Manager

Inch Arran Campground – Employment opportunity

2019 Scholarships – Registration Form

Illegal dumping and littering

The Town of Dalhousie is very concerned about illegal dumping on town and private properties.  Construction material, tires, and other unwanted waste are not to be disposed on any property.  Such waste can be disposed of at the Restigouche Transfer Station in Campbellton (789-2111) and LCL Excavation in Charlo (684-3453).

Household waste and recycling can be disposed in a container at curbside alternating every 2 weeks.

Provincial laws provide fines and or jail time for this crime.  Any person(s) caught and charged with illegal dumping are subject to a fine of $500.00.  The fines can go up to as much as $50,000.00 for individuals.  Any company(s) caught performing this crime can be charged with fines ranging from $1,000.00 to $1 million dollars.

Help keep our community clean and safe by reporting all incidents of abandoned garbage or witnessing illegal dumping.  We all need to take illegal dumping seriously.

How do you report an illegal dump site or someone illegally dumping waste?

Reporting a person or persons dumping waste illegally:

Record the date, time, and location when the incident occurred.  Document an accurate description of the violator(s) and of the vehicle that was used, along with the vehicle’s license plate number, write the items that were disposed of and take pictures.

Reporting an unknown illegal dump site:

Record the date and time; take GPS coordinates and pictures.  The information documented should then be compiled and reported to either of the following:

Contact the New Brunswick Crime Stoppers hotline at: 1-800-222-8477 (1-800-222-TIPS) or online at

Contact your local Department of Environment at 1-800-565-1633.

Email: elg/

Job Offer – Facilities Director

Job Offer

Title: Facilities Director
Immediate Supervisor: Board of Directors of the Dalhousie Recreaplex

Job Summary
The Dalhousie Recreaplex are seeking to hire a dynamic and energetic individual to fill the position of Facilities Director. The incumbent will be responsible to manage and supervise day to day operations as well as coordinate recreational events and activities. The Recreaplex facility includes a pool, gym and conference room/hall.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Facilities Director’s duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to
• Oversee daily operations and management of the Recreaplex facility.
• Ensure the health and safety of the entire facility as well as implementation of effective human resource policies and procedures.
• Monitor expenses and receipts.
• Develop an annual budget for operations.
• Generate financial statements and cash balance reports for the Recreaplex Board of directors.
• Work with financial auditors for monthly and year-end audits.
• May assist in determining salaries for employees.
• May assist in determining guests and facilities fees, as well as membership costs.
• Arrange for equipment repairs when necessary, keep track of all equipment being used, including exercise equipment, sporting equipment and any other equipment that may be supplied
• Promote the facility in order to generate revenues from rentals or the hosting of special events.
• Attend monthly Recreaplex Board of Directors meetings and report on the effectiveness of policies and programs.

Skills and Abilities
• Knowledge in social media : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc
• Computer skills should include but not limited to; Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
• Strong accounting skills
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in both official languages.
• Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational abilities
• Excellent networking and interpersonal skills
• Excellent problem solving and decision making
• Ability to work with volunteers and community committees.

• College or university degree in business administration, recreation or other related education or training.
• Experience in working with non for profit organizations would be an asset

The compensation package for this position will be within a competitive range and commensurate with the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience.

To confidentially explore this opportunity you are invited to submit your resume and cover letter and three references, mail or in person to: Town of Dalhousie, Recreaplex Hiring Committee, 111 Hall St. unit 1, Dalhousie, NB E8C 1X2 or by email to no later than March 15th, 2019 at 3 pm.

We thank all those who submit an application; we will only contact those selected for further consideration.


Garbage pick-up February 18, 2019

Garbage pick-up scheduled for Monday February 18, 2019 will be picked up on Tuesday February 19, 2019 starting very early in the morning.