By-law no. 303-18 paragraph 13.12 states that “No person shall park or stand a vehicle, which is attended or unattended, anywhere within the municipality on a Sidewalk, in such a manner as to prevent or obstruct any pedestrian in the use of any aforesaid sidewalk.”

‘sidewalk’ means an area designed roughly parallel to the side of the street and improved with cement, asphalt or other surfacing, for the pedestrian, includes any public footpath and crosswalks.  May be set apart by curbs, barriers, markings or other delineation for pedestrian travel.  The “driveway part” of a sidewalk is considered a sidewalk.

Such vehicles, so parked or left standing may, on the order of any Police Officer or designated employee of the Town of Dalhousie, be removed and the cost of such removal shall be paid by the owner or operator who left such vehicle so parked or left so standing.