Town of Dalhousie
By-Law 501-11 Amendment to By-Law 501-05

“Outdoor wood burning appliance” means a manufactured non –combustible enclosed container designed to hold a small fire for decorative purposes and the size of which is not larger than one (1) meter in any direction, and may include, but not limited to, chimneys. It must also be fitted with a spark arrestor with ½” x ½”for the whole surface area. An Open pit and open drum are not permitted. Only CSA approved appliances are highly recommended. A burning permit is not required for a small fire for decorative purposes within the guidelines of this by-law.


    • Fire must be lit in a non combustible container and surrounded by non combustible materials.
    • The container shall be located a distance of at least 3 meters of any building.
    • Only dry, seasoned firewood is used (no left over construction material is permitted). No painted wood, leaves, grass, other vegetation, and plastic material, and food material or any material of any kind which produces an unreasonable amount of smoke or other respiratory irritants.
    • That the fire/flames be no higher than 1 meter from ground level and not more than 1 meter in diameter.
    • Only one fire authorized per property.
    • The appliance must be installed with a clearance of 3 meters (10 feet) in all directions from other combustible materials.
    • An operable garden hose or an operable portable fire extinguisher must be readily available.
    • Always have an adult overseeing the fire.
    • Always extinguish and never leave an appliance fire unattended.

Please use good judgment regarding how often you light fires and for how long. Bring the subject up with your neighbors to avoid problems.

Some people suffer from allergies and respiratory problems. Keep smoke to a minimum. Smoke enters homes through air exchangers and open windows. You are responsible for your smoke.

Any appliance shall be operated and maintained so as not to cause any nuisance to the neighbors at any time.

For all other burning: barbecues, spring (yard) clean up, beach fires, fire department training please see the Town By-Laws or contact the Dalhousie Fire Department through the Town Hall at 684-7600.