The Restigouche Farmers’ Market is open Saturday from 8am to 1pm

Located in the beautiful town of Dalhousie, a few minutes drive from Balmoral, Charlo, Eel River Crossing and the First Nation Eel River, Restigouche Farmers Market was created in a spirit of solidarity and collaboration. Its purpose is to promote community health and economic development in the region providing healthy local food in compliance with the environment. Farmer Restigouche market is a real success story. Since opening in 2010, the farmers’ market is now in its fifth year of existence and only grow in popularity.

The market is open 50 of 52 Saturdays  so it is a market open year round. On average, it can take between 500 and 600 visitors each Saturday throughout the year, who come either to pick a good coffee or a nice lunch or buy something. The market can accommodate 40 different vendors. There are 5 different breakfasts such as a traditional lunch, waffles or even lunches from three different countries (crepes and Breton Delicacies, Filipino food, and German sausages. Enjoy every Saturday morning in good company.

List of products to sell
* Honey * Maple syrup *soap * Pastry *Bread * Pottery * Jewelry * painting * decorating * kniting * fruit * Chocolate * Lunch * antique furniture * meat * fish * books * egg * vegetable

The whole family enjoys walking the aisles of the market, tasting the delicious local specialties, buying nice things or just looking.

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New Brunswick