Winter parking in effect from November 1st to March 31st

Become a Lifeguard


Are you interested in becoming a lifeguard?
..If so, call the Recreaplex at (506) 684-7357 for more information on the following four courses:

1) Bronze Star (+12 years)

2) Bronze Medallion (+13 years)

3) Bronze Cross (+14 years)

4) NLS (+16 years)

Benefits of becoming a lifeguard:

1) Being part of a team

2) Having a part-time job

3) Learning to be responsible and alert

4) Acquiring skills that are lifelong

Restigouche County SPCA

The Restigouche County SPCA reminds everyone about the By-Law 601-05 and especially section 7. (1) (h) which states “ The owner of a dog commits an offense under this By-Law if he transports any animal unsecured in an open vehicle”. The penalty for such an offence is a fine of not less than $200.00 and not more than $500.00

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