Winter parking in effect from November 1st to March 31st

410 William Street, Dalhousie N,B. E8C2X2

Jimmy Abud, 506-684-3132 Cell - Text 506-684-0905
410 William Street, Dalhousie N,B. E8C2X2

Available Spaces on 2 floors. All spaces are compatible to Codes and Handicap accessible and features an elevator for the 2nd floor. The Steel and brick construction of the building makes it easy to divide the space in any size configurations and owner always happy to accomodate and assit for specific upgrades.

1st Floor: 4,500 sq ft Available

2nd Floor: 6,500 Sq Ft available:

Current tenants include, a ladies strore, Spa, HR Block, Paint shop, Service N.B. service desk and Service N.B. Call Centre a Young adult training center a special education classroom and a hairdresser. Floor plans are available for both floors. The Building, known as Promenade Building is located next door to Tim Hortons. Large number of street and off street parking available.

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