Winter parking in effect from November 1st to March 31st

Land Give Away

All request for information and project proposal must be sent to our email , by mail or drop off in person to: Town of Dalhousie, “Open For Business” 111 Hall street, Unit 1, Dalhousie, NB E8C 1X2

Send us in writing the basic information about the project.
• Choose the preferred PID # as per the list provided
• Description of the project or business plan
• Description of the building to be erected, square footage and any relevant information
• Source of financing

If the project is approved, we will then proceed to a more detailed meeting with you and the committee. During this meeting more requirements and documents may be requested.

Written agreement for the potential transfer of the land.

Available Lots (All size are approximates)

PID 50100205; Adelaide Street; 100'x200'

PID 50383413; Miller Road; 3912m2

PID 50104645; Renfrew Street; 50 acres

PID 50341163; Renfrew Street; see document

PID 50091933; Renfrew Street; 44 acres

PID 50341213; Blanchard Street; 100'x150'

PID 50341205; Blanchard Street; 100'x150'

PID 50341247; Blanchard Street; 100'x150'

PID 50341254; Blanchard Street; 100'x150'

PID 50341262; Blanchard Street; 100'x150'

PID 50053511; Miller Road (Acadia BBQ); 8 acres

PID 50172501; Catherine Street; 100'x250'

PID 50105212; Goderich Street; 4.88 acres

PID 50097179; Renfrew Street; 15 acres

PID 50373596; Renfrew Street; 10 acres

PID 50104884; Nelson Street; 3.5 acres

PID 50176783; Hocquard Street; 1 acre

PID 50103027; near Wellington Street; 3.5 acres

PID 50219138; near Leblanc Street, see document

PID 50148485; Goderich St; 2.5 acres

PID 50056100; Darlington Dr; 4.5 acres

PID 50172808; Marina area; 12 acres

PID 50172410; Marina area; 19 acres

PID 50177138; Wellington St; under .5 acre

PID 50180504; Bujold/Chaleur St; 135'x40'x120'

PID 50102136; Bujold/Chaleur St; 2 acres

PID 50180850; Bujold/Chaleur St; 3 acres

PID 50180512; Bujold/Chaleur St; 290'x80'x290'

Upcoming Events

"Will to Life" Philippe Prud'homme, piano

Saturday November 10, 2018

Monthly Committee meetings

Monday November 12, 2018

Ernest Goulette Atom hockey tournament

Friday November 30, 2018

Monthly Committee meetings

Monday December 10, 2018