Winter parking in effect from November 1st to March 31st


January 10 2018

Please be patient as crews are working very hard to clear roads, streets and sidewalks. We have continued poor weather conditions and a limited amount of equipment available. As we attempt to clear snow banks and widen roads, we ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation.

Please slow down and remember that snow and ice control is not a substitute for caution and defensive driving practices when operating a vehicle in winter conditions. 

The Public Works Department extensive winter operations includes maintaining more than 50 kilometers of roads, streets and lanes as well as the many kilometers of sidewalks within the municipality. We consistently try to accomplish this task in the most timely manner possible and on a priority basis.

Prioritizing requires a coordinated, strategic approach. Streets and sidewalks are prioritized based on several criteria, including but not limited to: Frequency of use by commuters, access to important infrastructure, main roads, etc.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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